Projecting - TIBRA-PACIFIC

Projecting is an extremely complex process of development of technical documentation for any task, in which are united all phases of an object construction:

  • Statics
  • Structures
  • Architecture
  • Mechanical installations
  • Wiring
  • Water supply and sanitation.

Before the beginning of the conceptual design goalsare defined and tasks of the project where our esteemed customers to our team of designers in phases communicate and present ideas they actually want and what opportunities. Based on the wishes of our clients and optimal real opportunities are made sketches of the building, the layout of the facility that the client closer to the conceptual design based on which the client see if they are met all its requirements.

„Tibra Pacific“ in its composition within the business group has a branch office design office based in Sarajevo. Our design team consists of over 25 highly skilled and professional engineers in the field of statics, architecture, construction, mechanical and electrical engineering. It is this reference that is a guarantee that we can professionally and efficiently solve all project tasks in the field of design and construction.

In order to secure our position as the leading company in the field of design and construction, we have introduced a quality management system that comply with international standards ISO 9001 - 2000 follows every phase of the design, construction and handover of constructed objects. Therefore we follow new developments in this area and at the same time we perform training and professional development of our design team.