Construction - TIBRA-PACIFIC

Euro Izgradnja d.o.o Kiseljak construction company, which was founded in 2000 in Kiseljak.

We possess a vast experience in the construction business and residential buildings, and we are equipped with modern means of work, that allow us to build facilities performed in accordance with all European standards. In our many years of activities we combine the expertise and experience in the construction of residential and commercial buildings intended for very demanding market in Sarajevo and other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and so create a recognizable brand, which with its quality distinguishes us as a construction company with a tradition.

While constant monitoring of the quality and care for better and faster construction in system of our company we have our own production of concrete products where we produce prefabricated elements (beams, omnia slabs, stairs and other concrete Stone).

A very important, and that we are proud of, is the fact that everything we build we are building with our own machines and manpower. However, for quality construction are essential and human resources and quality staff that allow the company to operate successfully. Thus, the company "EURO IZGRADNJA" d.o.o. employs 120 highly qualified and skilled construction workers, bricklayers, carpenters, fitters, concrete workers, electricians, tilers and foremans that with the support of project department participate in all phases of construction.

Our business policy is geared towards maximum raising construction and meeting all the needs of our customers, with the guarantee of high quality and complete law security.

In accordance with the modern vision of the company, we have introduced a quality management system ISO quality standard 9001:2008 and safety system ISO 18001 certified.

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